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From the study and production of plans to topographical and other surveys, K2 provides turnkey solutions in the field of remote control networks.

Our expertise enables K2 fibre to offer turnkey services for all work related to the design and engineering of telecommunications networks.


Our know-how


Survey plan prior to installing a new network (fibre optic, pipeline, electricity, etc.) for the transmission of energy and telecommunications


Detecting buried networks in order to have a precise vision of the subsoil so as to design a layout that is as close to reality as possible and avoid unforeseen problems during the construction phase.


Carrying out the necessary tasks on behalf of ENEDIS to transfer networks


The Enedis survey corresponds to the survey of The consumption/production of electricity by a technician during a check or an intervention


You can create your FOA files directly in the field. The chamber survey function enables the deployment and/or maintenance of the underground network.

Design and construction of infrastructure

Assumption of responsibility for the study and design of networks

The technical study will make it possible to identify whether extension and/or and/or reinforcement works will be necessary. It follows the main stages of :

  • Physical study of constraints and application of network-related voltage margins
  • Application of cable templates
  • Optimising the route according to the plot layout
  • Consideration of other factors, in particular those relating to the concession specifications

Production and modification of plans

  • Design and draw up the necessary studies (infrastructure, optical systems, etc.) for network rollouts
  • Draw up all the necessary documents
  • Network inspection

Network installation

  • K2Fibre aims to provide very high-speed broadband coverage throughout France. From study and advice to installation and fibre testing, K2Fibre will support you every step of the way.

Drawing up execution plans and ensuring follow-up

  • Construction of the structure
  • Drawing up a provisional schedule for carrying out the work by trade
  • Ensuring the technical consistency of the documents supplied by the when the documents for the execution of the works are drawn up partly by the drawn up in part by the project manager, in part by the companies responsible for certain work packages


The FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network provides a fibre optic link from the operator or internet service provider to the subscriber's home.

FTTH is one of the most efficient technologies for fixed Internet access:

  • Improve the performance and reliability of passive infrastructures,
  • Provide the fastest, most symmetrical connection speed,
  • Enable the development of new uses for the Internet, multimedia and connected services thanks to much higher speeds than ADSL

Fibre optics: data at the speed of light

  • A glass or plastic wire thinner than a human hair, fibre carries data by means of a light signal: this data travels at the speed of light, with virtually no limitation on throughput or alteration by distance.
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